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Saturday, April 9, 2011

BEST B-DAY PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sorry to all those who saw this post on my other blog.......................... :P
Sooo. On Friday I had the best b-day party EVER! It was a dance and it was amazingly fun. :D :D :D I didn't get many pictures because I was kind of busy dancing ( ^_^ ) but here are a few that I took. :)
Before the dance we all went into one of the other rooms and got ready:
Kerilynn did hair. She is so amazing. :D

Me after Kerilynn did my hair, but before I got into my dress. :)
Hadley looking amazing. As always. :)

I am actually not sure what dance this is....

I love this picture. The looks on their faces are so.. them. x) Too bad it is so bright where Sam is. xP Hehehe, they are so awesome. ^_^
My beautiful friends. :)
 My AMAZING friend Nathan
Andra and Michaela!! I am soooo glad they came!!! :D I missed them and it was nice to see them again. :)

Margari Hoi. One of the best dances. :D

Forrest composed me a birthday waltz!!! And... 
They made us go and waltz part of it.... alone
My ears are burning. lol

The best b-day party... the people there were awesome. The dances were awesome (even if I did mess up in quite a few x) The decorations were awesome (thanks to Shay) and the food was awesome (even though I didn't have any till I got home... then I stuffed my face with cupcakes. :D ) All-in-all, it was Awesome. :D Now I am sore from whip the willow (one of the dances... strange name.. I know...) I always get sore after that dance. My neck hates me right now. :P I talked to Caleb about Halo.. which was fun in an odd way. :D I don't think he expected me to like it. x) hehehe
So.Much.Fun After the dance Kerilynn came and spent the night at my house. We stayed up late watching fluffy tv-shows, talking and eating cupcakes. :D That was cool. :) I love her. :)
Thank you all for making my b-day the best! And it is not even here for another nine days!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D <3! <3! <3!!!
<3 <3 <3
Oh yeah, and here is the dress I wore, to all my bloggy friends who did not actually come to the dance. :P  I love it. :D Plus, it is a nice springy dress that I can wear to church and other event thingys during the spring and summer. :) :) :)
I love that it had the cute little lacy thing at the bottom... even if it didn't show every well. :)
What do you think?????? :D
Sorry for the terrible picture, but here is Eugene Fitzherbert, my adorable little robot necklace that my mom and Irene bought me!!! I have been DYING for something like this ever sense I saw one like it in Portland. :D :D :D

Now it is really goodbye... unless I think of another random somethings. :D


Mary said...

Wow!!! Looks like you had a blast! Your so pretty:) Love your dress!

Dodi said...

Uhh, I'm a little jealous:)
That looks like sooooo much fun:)
HaPPY BirThdaY!!
God bless~

Elisa said...

Thanks so much! ^_^


Sunny & Star said...

Happy to hear you had a great birthday. Everyone looks amazing in your pictures.

Elisa said...

Thanks :)

Jordan said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! That's looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!!! I'll TOTALLY jealous!!! Ahhh, best birthday party ever??? Agreed! Lucky you! I wish I could have a dance. Man, that would be amazing! But, I have to wait until June, for the Spring Fling... Which WILL be amazing, but it happens only once I year... :(
Anyhoo- your friends look awesome and YOU look gorgeous! I love the dress & your hair is beautiful! <3

Happy late birthday!
I'm a new follower- by the way! :) And you're homeschooled? Too cool! I am too!

Elisa said...

Hehehehe, Hi Jordan!!! :D Thanks so much!!! :D

Yeah, I am homeschooled. :)