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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A post on March 5th '11 :D

Today is Saturday, which means, tomorrow is Sunday. That is very sad.... because I'm sick and wont be able to go to church! :( It makes me unhappy. xP

I do like the bold font stuff, it is really really.......... bold. :D Can you tell I really don't have anything to talk about? I am just posting because I am bored. :P Don't I have a really creative post title? hehehe,
Right now I am wearing my favorite hat, it is a hat that is.... an owl! :D

I am so tired of being sick. This is my sixth day of this stomach flu. It is awful. :/ 
My Dad is going to take my little brothers to the mountain to play in the snow. Yay! Peace and quiet! :D I have four little brothers and one baby sister (I am not counting my eleven and thirteen year old sisters) and it can get pretty loud, let me tell you! :P I hope they finish their food so they can go. >.< This is what I look like when I am sick, frumpy shirt that used to be my dad's and un-brushed hair. lol Usually I wear my sweat pants, but I don't like to go around the house in them, I feel weird. :P 

For the first time in a long time I am actually wearing a color other then black nail polish. :D 
Actually, I am wearing ten different colors, one on each finger. :D Blood red, light blue, green, orange, purple sparkly, Magenta, purple-pink, dark dark purple, brown-ish (It is actually a cute color, kind of shiny. :D) and shiny purple. :D I like it. :)
I am so hungry. I have not eaten for six days. Nothing except two pieces of white bread, two glasses of apple juice and one piece of toast. All which I threw up. Terrible. 
Enough about me! What is going on with you? I am really happy because I have two followers! On my other blog I have 25, but I know most of them! But on this one I don't know either of them. :S Hehe, I have no idea why I am so happy about that, I just am. :D On my HSB blog I have 115. :D
<3 <3 <3


Lauren said...

Hey Elisa!! Your blog is so cute! I love when people with wonderful blogs follow me, because otherwise, I probably never would've found them! Thus, I'm glad you followed me ;)
I'm definitely a new reader, friend :D

~Lauren :)

Elisa said...

Thanks! I have to say I love your blog too. :D
Thanks for commenting Lauren! It means a lot. ^_^

Isabella Kiss said...

very ,very cute hat!

Elisa said...

Thanks! :D