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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clowns. Have fun. >:)

Hey all! I can't sleep. That is why I am posting at 11:30 on a Saturday night. What else am I going to do? Sleep? Never heard of it.  So, I will post some pictures that I took recently! Well, some are recently, more recently then others... Or I could post on clowns! I won't sleep anyways! So: Here goes nothing!
Warning, if you are easily scared by clowns then you may not want to proceed any farther then this considerate note warning you of... 
mwahahahah. >:D

Who has an irrational fear of clowns?
ME!!!!!!!  I!!!!!!!! MYSELF!!!!!!!!
No wait, it's not irrational! It's perfectly rational, clowns are terrifying! So terrifying, that I promise you, the next time i see a clown I will beat it over it's creepy head so many times it dies...unless it happens to be chasing me holding a swimming noodle with which to attempt coil around my forehead. Then I will beat it all over with fish, crackers pelt it with rice balls... than laugh because it deserved it, I mean how many children has it scared by sticking it's makeup covered face in the child's innocent view of the world?!? How many?!?!
A friend recently showed me this video of a ton of clowns laughing.
Watch this only if you are not frightened easily.

AHHH!!!!!!!!! Bad dream. Nightmare I tell you! Nightmare!!!!!!!
I went to someones house recently and they were watching the circus on television,
"Wonderful!" They kept saying " Beautiful!" and then the clowns came on and I almost screamed.
"The clowns are so funny! They are just to much!"
Me, I was screaming under my breath. Screaming in pure terror. I was crying and screaming. Help me someone! Pleaase! HELP ME!  Their clothes did not fit, they looked like the circus had taken some bums of the street and wiped their brains clean, so they had no control of what they were doing, they just ran around like chickens.
I HATE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was the person who made clowns up thinking?!
"Hey! Wouldn't it be funny if I put this fat man's pants on, these crazy shirts and scarves that I found in that alley down the street, this these shoes that the man with the largest feet in the world threw away because they were to big, this creepy wig that my grandmother bought to that gave my grandpa a heart attack with (rest in peace old Gramps, this wig will yet do some good in the world) , and so much makeup that it looks like my face is splitting with a grin, so when I get tired of smiling it wont show?" He never did need the makeup though, he couldn't stop laughing at the looks of terror on the people's faces that saw him, because that is what clowns do, they LAUGH. Like madmen.
They have a creepy laugh, more like  a deep cackle though...
Or clown cars.  They just keep on coming!!!!
I know!!! Clowns are aliens that can condense themselves so they can fit into little spaces, like little cars. They are  aliens that came to earth to feed on the screams of little children... or teenagers in my case....
Look at it's eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor kid!!!!
Run little boy! Run for your poor, little, precious life sweet child!

No, who does?

This will not make me want to go to bed, I would be afraid of it coming after me when I fell to sleep!

Forrest drew this for my blog. 

He said: "Here kid, take this balloon! Stop crying and take it! TAKE THE BALLOON YOU LITTLE BRAT OR I WILL BITE YOUR HEAD OFF!!"
I have gone through a lot of suffering to bring you these pictures, do you know what comes up when you google clowns?!
Creeeeepy. Scary. NIGHTMARE! I brought nightmares upon myself! Nooooooooooooo! :(
I should go...
<3 <3 <3
Elisa. :):):)
These cute little smiley faces are not really what my face is actually looking like right now. My face is currently with out any facial expression because I am in a state of shock. With an occasional  scream that escapes and a twitching eye. Thank you dear readers. 
Sweet dreams.... 
(The "dreams" fades of into a whisper with an extremely evil cackle at the end.)


Dodi said...

I do not like clowns either,I have always thought they were so weird, actually they creep me out a little:)
As a matter a fact, I don't really like the circus at all:)
But hey your post made me laugh( besides the pics, those pics were NOT funny:)

Elisa said...

lol, I am glad you got a laugh out of it. :D I like it when people say they find my posts humorous. :)
Aren't those pictures the scariest things?!?!?!? O.O lol

Lisa said...

Oh.my.gosh. I HATE clowns. They seriously freak me out. How creepy can you be if you cover your face in makeup like that?? Seer-ee-ous-ly.

Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks

PS~ I hate those mascot people/costumes, too. ((shudder))

Emily said...

I hate clowns too. Wayyy too creepy. :(