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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello World! How are you?

Hello! How are you all? This is a blog.... could you tell? This is a blog in which I write.... things... (Aren't I profound?) Yes! This is a blog. :) I know we already covered that, but I felt like doing a little review on all the interesting things we just learned. x)
I am going to a History class tomorrow, I don't really like History all that much, but I get to talk with a  bunch of other kids, and that is fun. :)


srajana said...

yes it is fun to interact and talk but history classes use to be completely boring. i agree. i also never liked history classes during my schooling. but thank god now those days are over. :P

Elisa said...

Hehe, yeah, they can get pretty boring, thousands of notes, reports and Questions to answer. :P